Police respond to campus clown sightings

Police respond to campus clown sightings from KentWired.com on Vimeo.

Kent State police responded to social media posts about a possible sighting of people dressed as clowns on Monday night.

As of 12:37 a.m., Kent State police said there have been no arrests. 

“We are currently searching the area and doing everything we can to catch them if they are on campus,” said Kent Police Officer Brittnee Wolf.

Kent State Police have been responding to calls about rumors of a possible clown sighting on campus on Monday evening and early Tuesday morning,” said university spokesman Eric Mansfield. “Police have found no evidence of anyone actually dressed as a clown nor has there been any evidence of a danger to the campus community.”

Students took to Twitter and posted possible sightings near Korb Hall and Centennial Court F.

Police and groups of students began searching all areas of campus.

Clown sightings across the country have resulted in at least 12 reported arrests, according to coverage by The New York Times.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story included an embedded tweet containing an image of a person dressed as a clown not taken at Kent State. This picture has been removed from our story. 

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