LGBTQ Center to host color run Saturday

Samantha Karam

Kent State’s LGBTQ Center will host “That Gay 5k” this Saturday on Risman Plaza. The run starts at 8 a.m. and ends at noon.

Registration is required for participation. All proceeds will go toward the LGBTQ Emergency Fund.

“(This is) a color run where we have 12 different stations that will represent different identities and orientations in the LGBT community,” said Ken Ditlevson, director of the LGBTQ Center. “So … the trans table may have some of the colors that represent the trans flag.”

At each station, staff members of the center will throw different colors at the runners.

At the very end of the run, participants will receive a bag with information about LGBT identities, orientations and the different LGBT-related groups on campus students can get involved in, Ditlevson said.

The color run is one of the biggest community events the center has planned for this semester.

Samantha Karam is a diversity reporter, contact her at [email protected]