Kent State ranks as top caffeinated college


10/13/16 Tree City Coffee

Rachel Duthie

Constantly itching for some caffeine? Look around you — you’re not alone.

Kent State ranks as one of the most caffeinated and generous universities in America, according to a study conducted by Grubhub.

Compared to the number of orders placed throughout the year, Kent State has the 36th highest percentage in coffee orders and the 18th largest tipping percentage among students.

The online food delivery company, which is reported to serve more than 7.2 million people each quarter, reported orders from over 100 universities in 47 states during the 2014-2015 school year.

“Grubhub processes more than 271,000 orders per day, so we collect a lot of data,” said Kaitlyn Carl, media relations coordinator for Grubhub. “Having this wealth of order data allows us to look into food trends across the board, whether they’re what people are ordering this fall, what’s been a growing trend in 2016 or, in this case, what our college diners’ order habits are.”

In order to keep up with current trends, Grubhub has data analyses in determining what the most popular food orders are for people during certain time periods, like during the presidential debates or fall TV premiere week.

In a recent study, Grubhub saw that stuffed cheesy bread, chocolate chunk cookies and chicken pitas were the top three dishes ordered by college students. The list also shows the growth of vegetarian dishes as takeout orders.

“We love to shine a light on our fun order data,” Carl said.

Rachel Duthie is a features correspondent, contact her at [email protected].