Students hold vigil for teen involved in police killing

Emily Fulmer

Kent State students held a vigil on the front of campus Thursday evening for a 13-year-old boy who was shot by police in Columbus last Friday.

The vigil was hosted by the Ohio Student Association, with members of Black United Students and several other students in attendance.

According to reports, police responded to an armed robbery last Friday. The suspect, Tyre King, had a BB gun in his possession. Police fired multiple shots when King reached for it, while other suspects fled.

Students gathered around the rock with candlelights and spray painted the rock with the hashtag “kneefortyre.”

Nyla Henderson, a sophomore journalism major and member of OSA, organized the vigil for King.

Henderson said the vigil was to represent the lives lost to police shootings, specifically for King, and to bring awareness to the issue of police brutality.

“He was only 13 years old when (he) lost his life for a senseless issue,” Henderson said. “The main reason we all got together today is because I want to start bringing awareness to this campus.”

Henderson also said there have been over 20 more people who have been killed by police officers since King’s murder that are not covered in the media.

“These things get pushed under the rug and I don’t want them to anymore,” Henderson said.

Nautica Campbell, a sophomore business management major, said she felt this issue on a personal level.

“It could have been my brother or one of my siblings,” she said.

Emily Fulmer is a religion reporter, contact her at [email protected]