Glow Games give students an obstacle course of challenges

Nicole Zahn

Kent State’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center collaborated with the Division of Student Affairs Friday night to host Glow Games, a multi-location obstacle course that included fast-paced, glow-themed challenges.

The free event — open to all students — took place at different locations around the main campus.

Sign-in began at the rec center at 10:30 p.m, followed by obstacle courses and activities located at Tri Towers, Eastway and the Student Green. Games concluded at 12:30 a.m., followed by a glow paint party that ran until 2 a.m.

“Each semester we have one late night event for student retention,” said Phelan Fletcher, intramural sports and youth programs coordinator of Recreation Services. “We offer it late in the night on a Friday to bring students into a healthy atmosphere, away from other unhealthier alternatives.”

When choosing an activity or theme for these events, a team of marketing students at the rec center collaborate ideas to bring together each event.

“We usually create events on our own,” said Jenna Payne, a grad appointee at Recreation Services. “But this year we collaborated with the Division of Student Affairs to create the multi-location event.”

Once students signed in, they were able to get their face painted and given a scorecard with the different locations on them. Participants had to attend each location, complete the activity and get the locations signed-off on their card by rec center staff members.

At Tri-Towers, students had to complete 10 activities before time ran out. Activities included pulling tissues out of a tissue box before having to do cup stacking, walking a certain distance with a ping-pong ball balanced on a spoon and blowing bubbles into a hula-hoop.

At Eastway, tents were set up that students had to go into blindfolded to identify what certain objects were. Objects included fruits and other food items.

Laser tag was located at the Student Green right outside of Risman Plaza. Students were in teams of two and had 25 lives to shoot the other teams.

“This event was something very exciting and different to do on a Friday night,” said Julia Alcorn, a sophomore nursing major. “The cool prizes and paint party were really what made my friends and I want to come.”

Once students completed each activity, they raced back to the rec center for free food and a paint party. Food items included Chick-fil-A, veggies, Gatorade and candy. Students were also able to put their name in a drawing for electronic prizes such as televisions, speakers and headphones.

“Based on our previous events, we were expecting at least 800 students to attend the Glow Games,” Payne said.

Justin Waterbeck, a nursing major at Youngstown State University, came to Kent for the weekend to visit his girlfriend, a student at Kent State.

“Instead of sitting (around), we decided to come to the Glow Games, and I’m glad we made that choice,” he said.

Nicole Zahn is the recreation and wellness reporter, contact her at [email protected]