The next leader of the United States

Nicholas Hunter

As Election Day quickly approaches, the impassioned politics that have defined the past year-and-a-half of American media can only be expected to intensify. While the scandal and outrage that has defined this election keeps a strong grip on the nation’s attention, and party lines continue to cut deeper each passing day, one thing that often gets forgotten is that one of the four individuals who make up the bulk of our daily news will be the next president of the United States.

It is extremely difficult to pick the truth out of the intense hyperbole that has long been commonplace in American elections. Every day a new scandal in unearthed, or another inflammatory statement is made and the media runs wild.

There are plenty of people who tune into the news and feed off the reality TV atmosphere of this election. A large number of people cannot decide who to vote for, but a common consensus is that even if a president is committed to their political stances and getting things done, that candidate will meet a legislative branch unwilling to cooperate.

That is not to say that there is not a way to decide who you think will be the best president. Passing policy is only one part of what a president is expected to do. Much of the controversy falls away as people anticipate how the next four years will shake out.

One aspect of these four candidates that will, without question, be imperative to their success throughout their run in the Oval Office is their leadership skills.

A good leader will not dwell on policy that has no chance of passing. Good leaders can brush off scandal and controversy and keep focus on what’s right for the nation.

One thing that even the best media coverage often fails to focus on is what the candidates presented will do when things fall off the script, when tragedy strikes or something out of their control overturns the global political landscape.

Those moments where good leaders are blindsided are when they truly prove themselves. They have to balance what to prioritize, what to put on the back burner, who to trust and most importantly, when to admit their own mistakes and work to fix it.

While watching this election cycle play out and deciding who you will vote for, try to not focus on the scandal and talking in circles; imagine what they will do when the next hurricane or earthquake hits. Imagine what they will do when two of our ally nations wage war on one another. Your choice for president may become much more clear.