Houston Cougars thinking playoffs

Ty Sugick

Week one of college football had its share of blowouts, with the University of Michigan rolling over the University of Hawaii, and then The Ohio State University embarrassing Bowling Green State University.

But then there were the few teams who dared to accept a week-one challenge rather than a fluffy game to open the season.

The few teams that were challenged in week one were Florida State University, with their impressive comeback win over the University of Mississippi and the University of Notre Dame, who couldn’t quite pull off their own comeback victory in their devastating overtime loss to the University of Texas.

The most notable challenge and upset of them all would have to be Houston’s win over the third-ranked Oklahoma Sooners. The Cougars notched a 10-point victory over the Sooners. The final result of the offensive duel was 33-23.

Both teams featured Heisman-worthy candidates at the quarterback position, with each player a dual-threat.

Houston has Greg Ward Jr., one of only two players in college football last season to rush for 1,100 yards and throw for over 2,500 yards.

Oklahoma has Baker Mayfield, who makes the top 10 list of most sought-after quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL Draft.

While Oklahoma’s chances of being a potential playoff team might have become more difficult with Saturday’s loss, Houston, on the other hand, might have punched their ticket to becoming almost a shoo-in for the playoffs.

Knocking off the third-ranked Sooners will put Cougars doubters to rest and might give them a fighting chance in the playoff discussions. Houston has a very light schedule ahead, with only two teams that look as if they can even compete against the Cougars.

The only challenges Ward Jr. and the Cougars will see in a very abysmal American Athletic Conference will be the University of Cincinnati in week three, the United States Naval Academy in week six and the University of Louisville in week 11— the toughest of them all.

With very few bumps in the road and a top five victory under their belt, the Cougars might have punched their ticket to the college football playoffs.

So congratulations to Houston on their upset. I am sure that schedule will do them well once playoffs roll around.

Ty Sugick is a columnist, contact him at [email protected].