Cancelled schedules to be restored by Tuesday

Alex Delaney-Gesing

All class schedules unintentionally cancelled at Kent State will be reinstated next week. 

The university released a statement Friday evening apologizing for Thursday’s registration error, where students who had not yet submitted their payments for the fall semester had their registration in classes cancelled.

The statement, sent to those students affected, stated that employees from the Bursar’s Office, Student Financial Aid Office and Registrar Office will be working to correct the error over the weekend.

“All class schedules will be restored by Tuesday, Aug. 16, at noon, and then registration will be reopened,” the statement said. “For now, the registration system remains closed to ensure that these class schedules are accurately restored.”

Addressing some of the concerns voiced by those on social media, the university stated that course cancellations will not affect any disbursement of financial aid or any other services like residence hall fees or dining plans.

The deadline for students to pay any outstanding account balances has been extended to Aug. 21.

While work is being done to resolve the issue, students are urged to contact the Bursar’s Office with any other questions at 330-672-2626 or email [email protected].

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