KSU student bucket list:Things to do before you graduate


The ghost of America crosses downtown traffic during the Halloween festivities outside of the Zephyr Pub on Oct. 31, 2015.

Ben VanHoose

Nobody wants to miss out on the things that make their college-of-choice special. We sorted through all that Kent State has to offer to compile a list of the top 10 tasks every student must fulfill before receiving a diploma.

1.  Create a costume for Halloween.

No fall semester in Kent is complete without an eventful downtown Halloween celebration. Hundreds of people flock to the streets for one night of flashy, inventive costumes. Don’t cop out with a store-bought, cliché outfit, though—build your own creative costume that others will remember for years to come. Start brainstorming now because the big night is fast approaching.

2. Take the May 4, 1970 tour.

To truly know your campus, you must learn the history that’s forever engrained in Kent State’s personality. Peruse the May 4 Visitors Center museum in Taylor Hall, go on the walking tour and observe the May 4 Memorial. Educate yourself on the tragic moment in the university’s past so you can fully explain it to those outside of Kent who may be unaware.

3. Experience Kent State/University of Akron rivalry firsthand.

Whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball or any other sport, demonstrate school spirit by cheering on the Golden Flashes when it matters most—against the AkronZips. Tailgate, wear blue and gold gear and show support for Kent teams on social media. #NeverFearTheRoo

4. See a show at the Center for Performing Arts.

After showing some love to the athletics at Kent State, get cultured by attending a performance put on by theatre and dance students. Like sporting events, tickets are free for students, so reserve a seat and witness a live musical, play or recital. The upcoming school year’s production schedule includes fairytale mash-up “Into the Woods” in November, and Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in April.

5. Dine in at Rosie’s after midnight.

Nothing says “college life” like eating a plate of fried food way past your bedtime. Located in Tri-Towers, Rosie’s Diner is open 24/7 and even offers on-campus deliveries between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. Enjoy some mozzarella sticks and a milkshake on sleepless nights. We won’t judge—we’ll be in the booth next to you working on our second order of fries.

6. Take a selfie with President Beverly Warren.

We don’t condone everyone swarming her with their phones, camera-ready. We also don’t expect the busy president to stop for a selfie with all 28,000-plus students on the main campus. But, Warren has been known to partake in a selfie with students now and again. So for those lucky enough to score a selfie with the president, be sure to say “thank you” after saying “cheese.”

7. Form a new student organization.

There isn’t a student group for your obscure obsession? The Center for Student Involvement allows any student to start their own student organization for almost any interest. After meeting several requirements and enlisting a faculty advisor, start holding meetings and finding fellow students with similar interests. Organize and assemble quickly, though—registration for new groups ends Friday, Sept. 23.

8. Taste the food truck’s menu.

When Ohio’s unpredictable weather permits, track down Dining Service’s food truck The Fork in the Road on campus to enjoy a gourmet burger, fries and homemade ketchup. The yellow truck is impossible to miss because it’ll likely have a long line of hungry students trailing from it. Fork in the Road accepts meal plans and stations itself at different locations across campus each day. Track daily positions by following @KSUFoodTruck on Twitter.

9. Go sledding on campus.

Make the most of Ohio’s treacherous winters by hitting the slopes around campus. Starting atop Hilltop Drive on Front Campus or behind Taylor Hall toward the practice field, slide down the inclines with your favorite toboggan, sled or snowboard. Or, for those who come from hotter climates that never receive the gift of heavy snowfall, borrow from a friend and discover the thrills of sled-riding. And get ready for the thrills of walking to class under icy conditions as well. 

10. Feed a black squirrel.

(At your own risk. You’ve been warned.)

For students who zoom through these items with time to spare before graduation, have at these other noteworthy ideas: 

11.  Sing karaoke in the Rathskeller.

12.  Attend a student fashion show.

13.  Go skating at the Ice Arena.

14.  Explore a Fashion Museum exhibit.

15.  Climb the Rec Center’s rock wall.

16.  Sign up for a study in the psychology department.

17.  Win big at a student bingo night.

18.  See a free movie in the Kiva.

19.  Walk the stairs of the library (tallest building in Portage County).

20. Add another layer of paint to the rock.