Why your college major doesn’t matter (yet)

Nicholas Hunter

College is a long, complicated journey that some people will remember as the best days of their life; and others the worst. While friends, parties and becoming an adult will all define how your college years treated you, the day-to-day grind of early mornings, long days and all-night study marathons are the backbone of the college experience.

At some point, nearly every college student will say to someone, “Why are 18-year-olds expected to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives?” For the most part, nobody has an answer, aside from that it happens to be when people usually start college.

In truth, most people are not certain about what they want to do and should not worry that the major they initially chose is what they are stuck with for life. Most students start college with a major already chosen, but oftentimes the classes for that major do not begin right away, aside from an introductory course or two.

Your biggest focus in your first couple of years at Kent State is to complete your Kent Core requirements, which give you a diverse base before you dive into more in-depth courses.

So, if you have a class in your major that you realize is not what you expected, bores you, or you find that you just do not have the passion for that subject to meet the demands for that course of study, you have room to change your mind.

Changing your major is not as complicated as some believe. You can actually make that change yourself from your FlashLine account. However, there is no reason to make a hasty decision.

Take your time to consider options, and if it is something you are considering, talk to your adviser. Not only can they help you through the process, but they have the information to help you find what will be interesting and fulfilling for you.

Oftentimes, the major courses you have already taken will not go to waste; they usually can fill a Kent Core requirement and save you from taking an extra class. When deciding what to take, be willing to take classes outside of your usual comfort zone; you may have a hidden passion that is only one new experience away from being discovered.

On the other hand, be conscious about why you are thinking about changing majors. As time goes on, the classes will get more and more focused on your intended course of study. If you are passionate about what you came to school for, do not let a single uninspiring course or difficult professor deter you from pursuing what you are passionate about.

Regardless of whether you’ve known the career you’ve wanted since you were 10, or find yourself a year into college unsure on whether you have a future in your field of study, maintain an open mind.

There are unlimited interests to discover, so keep your eyes open and embrace what you are passionate about.