City Council approves collaboration with Rootstown, historical designation for Davey Tree


City council members discuss the resolution to designate the Davey Tree building as a historic property during Wednesday’s meeting. 

Devon Sherepita

The Kent City Council passed a number of resolutions Wednesday night that could mean improvements for the city’s economic and historical status.

Kent’s further involvement in Joint Economic Development Districts (JEDD) and the Davey Tree Legacy were both approved by the panel with ease. Other passed resolutions included the tax budget, parking and overall city maintenance improvements.

Participation in JEDD means Kent would team up with Rootstown in order to work out ideal budgeting and revenue standards to improve both cities.

JEDD could bring in approximately $100,000 of revenue from the initial funding for the improvement of the Rootstown School District.

The vote from the panel was unanimous in favor of Kent’s involvement with JEDD. The resolution will soon be brought to the community to vote.

If local voters are in favor of it, JEDD would be in place for 50 years.

A resolution to designate the Davey Tree property in Kent as a local historical site was also passed.

The Davey Tree Expert Company is responsible for the care and maintenance of much of the trees and parks around Kent.

The Kent headquarters, also known as the Davey Institute, researches tree care, actively improves the natural environment of the city and conducts training to pass its expertise along to others.

The building includes a lab and library for research, offices and many classrooms used for training.

The location was deemed historical for its long-time standing beginning in 1954 by Kent’s first architect, Charles Kistler.

Sandra Reid, vice president of corporate communications and strategic planned administration for Davey Tree, spoke on the company’s building request.

“We consider this historic in the founding of the company, as well as the future of the company,” Reid said. “We think the building has unique placement in Kent history.”

The next city council meeting will be held July 20.

Devon Sherepita is a city reporter, contact her at [email protected]