May 4 schedule

May 3:

11 p.m. – 12 p.m., May 4: Overnight candlelight vigil—Kent State Commons, Victory Bell

May 4:

10-11:30 a.m. – Book signing with authors Craig Simpson and Greg Wilson (“Above the Shots,” released in April); Thomas Grace. (“Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long Sixties”); Jerry Lewis and Thomas Hensley (“Kent State and May 4th: A Social Science Perspective”); Laura Davis, and Mark Seeman, (“This We Know”); and David Hassler (“May 4th Voices: Kent State, 1970”)—Kent State University Bookstore

12 p.m. – Commemoration with keynote speaker Samaria Rice, welcome remarks by President Beverly Warren and a performance by a member of the Kent State Gospel Choir—Kent State Commons

3-5 p.m. – Book signing with Thomas Grace, (“Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long Sixties”)—May 4 Visitor’s Center

5:30 p.m. – “Research Uncorked” Discussion, which centers around the conflict between freedom of public expression and the unauthorized use of force used to suppress it. Talks to be led by Paul Haridakis, professor and coordinator of doctoral education in the School of Communication Studies at Kent State, and Richard Serpe, department chair and professor in the Department of Sociology at Kent State.—Venice Café downtown

7:30 p.m. – Gospel Choir Concert—University Auditorium in Cartwright Hall