Opinion: The political climate in 2016

Jacob Tabler is a junior political science major and a member of the Kent State College Republicans. Contact him at [email protected].

Jacob Tabler Kent State College Republicans

Donald Trump was once again the victor of the latest Republican primary that took place Tuesday. The GOP frontrunner won the state of Indiana, claiming all 57 delegates. Meanwhile, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have both announced the suspension of their campaigns.

Trump is now the only candidate left in the race and is the presumptive nominee. It is important at this time to explore the political climate of the current election cycle and the reasons behind the nomination of Trump.

At the beginning of the race for the Republican nomination, Trump was never expected to be the frontrunner. However, there have been two strong movements among the Republican base that allowed for him to rise in the polls:

Firstly, there has been a strong anti-establishment movement in this election cycle. For the most part, I feel that conservative voters feel disenfranchised and have chosen to support a candidate that they feel represents their beliefs and will advocate for them.Trump argues that not being a politician takes him out of this establishment category and that he will represent voters better than the party has in recent years. Voters see him as a fresh start that is separate from the normal party leadership that has not listened to their constituents.

The other important movement that allowed Trump to get this far was resentment of gridlock in Washington D.C. This is different from the first movement because it is more focused on issues and the inability to solve them. Voters are tired of the political game in Washington and would rather see problems be solved than more debate over policy. Trump has used this resentment to boost his campaign. He has depicted himself as a strong leader who is capable of action. After years of seeing nothing getting done, Trump has presented himself as a man who will take action and solve the most pressing issues that are upsetting the Republican base.

It is also important to look at the election ahead. The Republican Party will be faced with an interesting situation moving forward. Trump has a strong base of voters that are very loyal to him. However, there is a large number of Republicans who do not support Trump. The question is whether or not the party will rally behind him, or if the anti-Trump sentiment will divide the party in the general election.

Either way, the next few months will be very exciting.

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