Annual Fashion Show sells out opening show


Brianna Hunter models at Crescndo, the Fashion School’s annual fashion show held in Rockwell Hall on April 29, 2016.

Taylor Pierce

The Fashion School opened its 34th Annual Fashion Show on Friday April 29th, and will continue Saturday in Rockwell Hall, to a total of three sold out crowds.

Rockwell Hall was transformed for the show with light blue, pink and green lights illuminating the first and second floors.

The two atriums on either side of the second floor were made into a runway and lined with seats for guests to get a close-up view of each model.

The show featured a total of 194 looks ranging from casual wear, evening wear and a children’s wear collection. Various collections came from senior fashion design students.

The casual wear section featured many grey and dark tones mixed with simple patterns. Garments appeared to be loose fitting and comfortable.

Valerie Cammack, a sophomore fashion merchandising major, was one of the models featured in the show.

“I was a last minute fill-in, so I was not really expecting to walk in the show,” Cammack said. “It was a good time though. Everyone working the show is really nice and fun. It was fun to hang out with everyone backstage.”

Cammack said her favorite garment from the show was her first look, which featured a deep neckline.

“I really liked my first look. It had a really deep-v neckline. It was cool, and I also really liked the colors,” Cammack said.

The Annual Fashion Show was put on by a total of 225 students who worked together on different areas of the show to make everything come together.

Katie St. Charles, a fashion merchandising major, was one of the students that helped with the production of the show.

“I liked the show a lot,” St. Charles said. “I thought the looks all turned out really well, they were fitted really well and the whole show was very cohesive.”

St. Charles said some of her favorite collections from the show were by senior designers, Calvin Brant and Abby Steger.

“I really liked Calvin Brant’s collection, and I also really liked the one by Abby Steger that featured a mixture of blue, orange and denim,” St. Charles said.

Morgan Hall, a co-producer for the show and senior fashion merchandising major, said the students involved with the production were located all over the country.

“The entire production team featured 17 students who showed their collections, and 83 individual looks from 49 freshman, sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students,” Hall said. “This includes 10 students who are studying abroad at one of our New York, Florence or Hong Kong programs.”

Hall also said the production was primarily student-run.

“All of these works were received, organized, modeled and managed by fashion show production and management students,” Hall said. “The entire production team; designers, models, dressers and ushers brings the total to 225 students involved directly with this show.”

Toward the end of the show, a children’s wear collection by Leah Haynes, a senior fashion design major, was presented. Children were featured in the show to model the fun, bright clothes that consisted of animal designs.

The show concluded with a collection by Kara Kroeger, a senior fashion design major, which featured light grey colors combined with light pinks, blues and beige. A few of the pieces in this collection featured tops with a deep-v neckline. 

The final moments of the show ended with remarks from J.R. Campbell, professor and director of The Fashion School, who thanked the faculty at the school for their involvement with the show.  

“This show represents a year’s worth of student work created at each of our locations under the direction of our stellar faculty,” Campbell said. “Our dedicated, talented faculty plays a huge role in the success of our students. I would like to take this moment and say a big thank you to all of our faculty.”

Taylor Pierce is a fashion reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]