Our View: So long Kobe Bryant

On Nov. 29 last year Los Angeles Lakers great, Kobe Bean Bryant announced his retirement through a heartfelt letter in The Players’ Tribune. It marked the end of something special.

Tonight, Kobe will play in the final game of a memorable 20-year career. His success is paralleled by few.

Whether it’s the five championships, the 19 all-star appearances or torching the Toronto Raptors for 81 points in 2006, Kobe’s career is in a league of it own.

Even though the past three years haven’t been what can be considered vintage “Mamba,” the first 17 have been more than enough for fans to celebrate.

Kobe is one of the top 10 people to ever pick up a basketball period; that is not something up for discussion.

But, his career is split into two parts: There is number 8 and there is number 24. The two are different in every way, but help make up what is Kobe.

Both had an equal opportunity to exemplify its case in which was better; both leaving us with unforgettable moments.

So thank you, Kobe. Thank you for two decades of greatness that may never be seen again, and congratulations on a more than worthy hall of fame career.