PRIDE! Kent announces new executive board

Nicholas Garisto women and Gender Issues Reporter

PRIDE! Kent held elections for its executive board yesterday to determine who will handle the student organization’s future.

The positions open for elections were: activism initiative chair, treasurer, secretary, vice-president, and president.

The elected run as follows: Ally Chair Courtney Yoder; Activism Initiative Chair Kasey Willener; Treasurer Liz Kleinhenz; Secretary Caden Macley; Vice-President Brien Thompson; and President Gabby Cooper.  

Potential candidates were given five minutes to present why they are the best for the position. Members of PRIDE! then asked the candidates questions concerning their qualifications and experience for the position. Candidates were then asked to leave the room so PRIDE! members could voice their opinions on those candidates before the votes were cast.

The positions of president and treasurer were the only contested positions this semester.

Current President Brandon Stephens said, the newly elected candidates will shadow the current executive board to better integrate into their new positions.