Kent State PINK holds successful fundraiser


Sam Arslanian (left) and Juli Houck, campus representatives for Victoria’s Secret, sort through donations for the PINK Gimme Good Vibes Initiative in University Oak’s Clubhouse on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

Ile-Ife Okantah

Kent State’s PINK representatives received 1,672 clothing donations on Wednesday from Kent students at their Gimme Good Vibes initiative located at the University Oaks Clubhouse.

“PINK, as a company created the initiative for all of us campus reps to collect our greater communities for our campuses,” said PINK representative Christy Lodder. “There are 99 campuses with reps across the country, so there are 99 clothing drives going on up until the 18 of April.”

Lodder, a senior fashion merchandising major, hoped the event would bring in plenty of items.

“As a whole, hopefully we will bring in a lot of donations that will affect the community around us,” Dodder said. “In return, we’re giving prizes out to everyone. Right now there is a very 70s and 80s inspired vibe in the store, so we are giving good vibes back for people bringing good vibes in.”

Within the first half and hour of the initiative, Kent’s PINK representatives received over 700 items of clothing. Prizes included “ultimate” PINK goodie bags for larger donations and for smaller donations offered prizes such as a PINK dog, a limited edition pin, body spray and PINK sunglasses.

Angelo Grano, a senior and speech pathology major brought three bags filled with donations.

“I am happy that I am donating my clothes to a good cause, it’s my favorite part of this event,” Grano said. “I also love the PINK brand, they have a lot of rewards and coupons and promotions that make you want to buy more.”

Sam Arslanian, a Kent State PINK street team member and sophomore entrepreneurship major helps assist the campus representatives organize and execute events.

“I love the fact that so many people came, and that it’s for a good cause,” Arslanian said. “Also, the fact that they could win so many prizes is a win-win situation.”

All the clothing items they received will be donated to local thrift stores in the Kent area.

“Christy and I are thrilled about how many gently used clothing and shoe items we received today,” said Victoria Manenti, another Kent State PINK representative. “We are so appreciative of all those who came out to donate. It is a very rewarding feeling knowing how many people we can impact in the Kent community through this event.”

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Ile-Ife Okantah is a fashion reporter for The Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected]