Fashion students look forward to spring trends


Junior fashion merchandising major Rachel Habegger shows off her white and red Nikes on Thursday March 31, 2016. Sneakers like Nike and Adidas are becoming popular trends in fashion.

Ile-Ife Okantah

As the final snow melts away and we trade our salt-stained L.L. Bean boots for our favorite open-toed sandals, it’s time to get ready for spring fashion.

For students on Kent State’s campus, spring means dressing in less bulky clothing. 

“I like spring fashion because you can take off layers and wear loose and flowy dresses and skirts and tops. No more thick and heavy layers and being covered,” said fashion merchandising major, Devon McClain. “In spring, I emerge from being like a hibernating bear to being a naked hippie.”

Gabri Varela, a senior fashion merchandising major, said stylish comfort is the way to go.

“My favorite trend for spring 2016 would be the ‘athleisure’ trend,” Varela said. “I definitely look up to Kendall Jenner for style inspiration.”

Evan Neal, a freshman fashion design student, loves this season’s emphasis on creativity and unexpected finishing touches. His inspiration this season was Vetements spring 2016 show.

“My favorite trend for spring would be off-message. The edgy, cut and paste, artistic style drew me in from the get-go. The use of certain fabrics or hardware on garments that wouldn’t usually be used interested me,” Neal said. “The use of color, unique silhouettes and print on fabrics really inspired me.”

Junior fashion merchandising major, Cameron Hooks observed what was going on in the fashion world. Hooks said that people like A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott are on the cutting edge of men’s fashion this season.

“One of the biggest spring 2016 trends that I’ve noticed, and that I appreciate, is the rock band vintage tees,” Hooks said. “The wave kind of started with Travis Scott and Kanye West wearing them, and now you see a lot of brands like Fear God and PacSun doing it. I also really mess with Birkenstocks and socks. ”

Overall, spring is a time for renewal, whether that means putting a pep in your step while walking down the esplanade while channeling your inner Kendall Jenner, or embracing the nostalgia of 1990s grunge bands.

Assistant professor in the Fashion School, Harriet McLeod, believes that a person’s wardrobe is a way to reflect the season known for rebirth and resurrection.

“I’m not big on trends, but spring is about revitalizing ourselves from the winter,” McLeod said. “It’s time to bring out bright colors and patterns and celebrate the joy of spring.”

Ile-Ife Okantah is a fashion reporter for The Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected]