Opinion: Kyrie isn’t going anywhere

Ty Sugick

Rumors have circulated that Cleveland Cavilers point guard Kyrie Irving prefers to play elsewhere. Every Cleveland fan’s heart sank into their stomachs. Many questions needed to be answered as to why Irving would want to leave Cleveland.

Irving probably doesn’t want to leave Cleveland at all. It probably was a statement made that was misconstrued. Even if Irving really wants to leave, he can’t. He is locked in a contract that pays him around $18 million a year until 2020.

Irving leaving Cleveland before his contract is up can only happen in some form of a blockbuster trade in which the Cavs would get another star in return for Irving. But, if you face the facts, there is no better situation for Irving than being in Cleveland. There isn’t a team you could name that gives him the same amount of shots and the same opportunities to compete for a championship.

The true issue is probably the team’s double standards as the organization gives LeBron a little too much power in day-to-day operations while the rest of the players have to sit back and follow orders. Also, the Cavs as of late have not played at a championship caliber: dropping three of their last five games, with two of those losses coming to Eastern Conference foes Washington, Toronto, and Detroit.

After the losses to Detroit and Toronto earlier last week, LeBron then decided to take the night off against a very good Washington team. Irving has every right to be upset about the team situation. It is no coincidence that the same night LeBron took the night off, was the same night these reports of Irving being unhappy surfaced.

Being the second-best player on the team, it is demoralizing to see your team leader take the night off against one of the better teams in your conference after already dropping two conference games that week. No one wants to lose, especially when it is your year to win it all.

The Cavs are supposed to be the best team in the Eastern Conference hands down. Last week, however, they didn’t even show a glimpse of that. The Raptors continue to be a major roadblock and as a fan, it is demoralizing to see your team continue to struggle against one team consistently. As an athlete, it has to be even more demoralizing because everyone knows the Cavilers are the best team in the east when they want to be, but it’s hard to prove that when your stars take unneeded days off or seem to be disinterested at times during key games.

Kyrie isn’t unhappy about his situation in Cleveland, he is just unhappy with the team’s mindset and it is completely acceptable for him to be angry. Once everyone is on board and makes their mind up that it is championship or bust this season, this will all become water under the bridge.

Ty Sugick is a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]