CEO Magazine ranks Kent State program

Caroline Licata

The executive MBA program at Kent State received a global tier one ranking by CEO Magazine for 2016.

The EMBA program at Kent State is an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accredited program intended to prepare graduate students for career advancement in the business workforce.

Laurie Walker, the program director of the EMBA program, said the program provides quality combined with convenient scheduling for working professionals. The CEO Magazine ranking shows that.

“They (the rankings) show and they know we are CSB accredited,” Walker said. “They know the quality of our faculty. They see all those things combined together that makes us uniquely qualified to help busy professionals go through the program, while we provide concierge services that help them to focus their total attention on learning.”

Ryan Cantwell, a student enrolled in the EMBA program, said he is extremely proud to be a part of a top-tier program.

“Being part of a top-tier program only increases the value of my education in the marketplace,” Cantwell said. “It is obvious the university has worked very hard to offer a world-class EMBA program and being part of that has been an amazing experience. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities and knowledge the program has provided.”

Cantwell said he chose the EMBA program because of its reputation and how it is geared toward working professionals.

“The fact that it is an accelerated, 18-month program and only meets on Saturdays really worked well for my schedule, allowing me to balance work, school and my personal life,” Cantwell said.

Walker said they work hard to make sure they don’t just have the concierge services, but that they have a group of faculty that coordinates and talks with each other, too.

Cantwell said he likes the learning experiences available to him through his peers and instructors.

“The entire cohort is extremely supportive and enjoys sharing their experiences,” Cantwell said. “This openness and supportive nature facilitates learning to a high degree.”

Walker said the program also has a global component, which is an international business experience trip that makes Kent State’s EMBA program a unique one that can help professionals advance in their careers.

According to the Kent State EMBA program website, students meet with business leaders, have tours of selected businesses, meet with the U.S. Embassy, visit a local university in the country and have free time to explore the culture on your own during the trip.

Walker said students in the program have traveled to India, Brazil, Chile, Vietnam, China, Greece, Turkey, Israel and the Czech Republic.

Cantwell said he liked how the program was designed using a cohort system, and an international trip was offered to further the learning process. 

Walker said the program puts everything together in terms of all the cross-functional pieces so they can relate and really lead an organization.

“I am participating in the EMBA program to develop the skills needed to advance my career,” Cantwell said. “I have been in the workforce a little more than 10 years and am getting to a point where upper management opportunities are becoming available. The skills I have learned throughout the program have made me a stronger candidate when upper management opportunities arise.”

Caroline Licata is a college of business reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].