Our View: Blame should be shared

On Tuesday night, R&B singer Kehlani attempted to commit suicide. This followed the backlash she received from the Instagram picture her ex-boyfriend and rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR (PND) posted to Twitter. The picture showed them in bed together with the caption, “After all her shenanigans, still got the R&B singer back in my bed.” 

The picture showed what appeared to be Kelhani’s tattooed hand wrapped around PND’s. Though he quickly took down the picture, fans responded in an uproar.

Kehlani is said to be currently dating the Cleveland Cavalier’s player Kyrie Irving. The negative response she received for her alleged cheating on Irving has been horrendous, but why has the response been solely to her and Irving?

The person behind the post should be held accountable as well. While Kehlani took down her Instagram account following PND’s post, he didn’t. The focus should be on him, as well. Targeting Kehlani for allegedly cheating is unfair and a double standard. The blame should be shared by them both, if it is true.