National Nurses United Bernie Bus hits Kent State’s campus

Bernie Bus travels through Kent States campus

‘Bernie Bus’ travels through Kent State’s campus

Christiana Ford

            National Nurses United (NNU) “Yuge” Bernie Bus made a stop on Kent State’s campus Wednesday. The NNU and Single Payer Action Network partnered to talk to students about free college and healthcare for all.

            “We get all kinds of people coming up to us and saying, ‘Oh good, I heard about you, here you are. Can you tell us this, can you tell us that,’” Co- President Jean Ross said.

Ross is especially happy students seem to be well-informed and understand the authenticity of Sanders, she said.

“It isn’t just free college,” Ross said. “They actually understand the way the world works and that it needs to change.”

Sophomore Angela Deibel is one of those students who stands with Sanders. She supports Sanders because he is the only candidate preaching a message of togetherness.

“He’s not judging people based on their ethnicity or color,” Deibel said. “We all stand together as brother and sister, like we are one.”

With the cost of education and student debt rising, Bernie is what the people need, NNU member Martese Chism said. 

“People are looking for a champion. They’re looking for a fighter and Senator Sanders is that fighter,” Chism said.

NNU has traveled all across America and will focus on Ohio this week. The bus’ first appearance was in Cleveland on Monday. It also stopped in Akron before making the trip to campus. The Bernie Bus plans to make stops in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati before the week is over.

The group composed of 185 thousand members is the largest organization of registered nurses and was the first union to endorse Sanders back in August.

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