USG Profile: Nathan LaChance

Ian Flickinger

Name: Nathan LaChance

Position you’re running for: Director of Communication

Year and major: junior, applied communication 

What makes you a representative of the student body? 

I believe I am one of the best representations of the Kent State student body because I have so much experience across campus. From being apart the Provost Leadership Academy my freshman year, to being an orientation guide, to being a First Year Experience instructor, to joining a fraternity and so much more. All of these experiences have led me to different groups of people— giving me a large pool of people to learn what they like and do not like. I believe that in my two and a half years here I have learned how to best represent the student population through the connections I’ve made and things I’ve watched and been a part of.

What will be your top priority if elected?

If elected, my top priority will be to continue the transparency between USG and the student body. I believe that because USG is so influential on campus, it will be my duty to make sure that any and all information, events and anything else is clearly communicated to the student body as easy as possible. Since I will be representing 24,000 undergraduate students I will hold myself to the highest standard to ensure that everything that happens during my time will be made public for anyone and everyone.

What do you think could be improved with USG and the campus in general? 

 I think that USG is doing really well and has been for the last few years. I see the most room for growth and development in working with the university itself. President Warren has a lot of initiatives starting in the next few years, and with the backing and support from USG, people will respect both USG, and whatever the initiative is more. I do not think that there is a poor relationship between the two now, but after hearing President Warren’s six year plan there is a lot that she wants to do, and if USG comes alongside of her for these changes, our relationship with administration will only grow, as well as make USG as a organization more credible.

How will USG handle the growing prominence of diversity related issues on campus?

I believe that USG is one of the most influential organizations on campus, and what they do as an organization is very impactful. I would like to partner with BUS (Black United Students), SALSA (Spanish and Latino Student Association), and the LGBTQ Student Center more to address current issues. Combined programming that educate students about these diversity-related issues will be crucial and extremely beneficial for all parties included. If people see that USG is being progressive and evolving as these national issues occur, I think it will instill confidence in the students that elected us, and set the standard for the USG boards from now on.