Portage Country introduces new voting system

Stephen Means

Portage County will be introducing a new voting system for this years Ohio primary.

Following issues with the former system during the 2015 November election Portage Country has decided to return to a paper form for voting.

“The reaction to the November 2015 election we had some issues with our computer server system,” deputy director Theresa Nielsen said. “We want to make sure that our election system works the way it’s suppose to, it was decided by the board of elections by the portage county commissioners to purchase a new system.”

Voter will fill out a paper ballot; once the ballot is completely filled out it will be inserted into an optical scanning device that will collect your ballot.

ExpressVote voting machines will be made available to those with disabilities.

For any questions contact the Board of Elections at 330-297-3511.

For more information contact Stephen Means at [email protected]