Kent State students host ‘1Day Stand’ to promote tobacco free campus

Anthony Calvaruso

The 1Day Stand against tobacco is the next step following the passage of the Tobacco Free Campus resolution by USG. Kent State will participate in the national event on March 16th as part of the Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative.

It’s goal is to promote and raise awareness for a tobacco free campus and will conclude with a panel discussion from 6-8 p.m. in the Student Center Room 315. The panel will consist of Senator for the College of Public Health Chelsea Kennedy, Dr. Deric Kenne, Dr. Tina Bhargava, Kim Hauge and Michael Ellison.

“It’s one day where on college campuses we encourage students to quit smoking for a day,” Dr. Angela DeJulius said, Director for University Health Services.

“Here at Kent we will have tables set up in the student center giving away mints, gum, and lifesavers encouraging people to throw away their cigarettes for a day, and we’ll have a panel discussion in the evening for people to discuss the tobacco free campus policy,” DeJulius said. 

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