Sorority raises $47,000 for women’s health via male beauty pageant

Gabby Lavere

Alpha Phi conducted its third annual King Of Hearts philanthropy event over the weekend, raising over $47,000 for the Alpha Phi foundation.

King Of Hearts is an all male beauty pageant, with all fraternities having one member from each chapter represent them in the competition to be crowned King Of Hearts.

Sophomore Cody Crippen served as the guest judge on the panel. 

“It was an honor guest judging for the lovely ladies of Alpha Phi,” said Crippen.

The men conducted a dance choreographed by Alpha Phi members Sara Belida, Kristen Faricellie and Riley Gaidica. The dance was proceeded by a swimsuit competition and a talent portion.

Talent act performed included singing, reading poems, playing the Cello, blindfold cheese tasting, and a recreation of the Magic Mike dance.

Alpha Phi Senior, Alexandra Maslowski served as the host of the event.

“Without Alexa as our host, the night wouldn’t have been as amazing and memorable, she was so funny and did so well,” said Faricellie, a sophomore nursing student.

Participant Thomas Potoma was ultimately crowned as King Of Hearts. Runner up went to Sigma Chi’s Albert Smith.

Alpha Phi raises money for women’s heart health. Heart disease is the seventh highest killer among women ages 20 and older. Alpha Phi presented a video during the competition to raise awareness for the cause and all the women of Alpha Phi are CPR certified in case of an emergency.

“I’m so thankful to be a part of such an amazing sorority and raising $47,471.39 for the Alpha Phi foundation,” Belida said.