USG Profile: Troy Kotsch

Name: Troy Kotsch

Position you’re running for: Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences

Year and major: junior, biology major

Hometown: Rogers, Ohio

What makes you a representative of the student body? 

(In) my third year as a biology pre-med major, I have taken courses in nearly every facet of my college. I have both seen and experienced everything from mathematics to humanities, physics to chemistry and biology to the social sciences. Having experienced nearly everything my college has to offer, I believe that I would be able to fairly represent both my college and the students in it.

What will be your top priority if elected? 

My current top priorities are designing a system that will help students overcome language barriers, further developing research programs for undergraduate students, addressing chemistry credit to work proportionality and building upon peer-to-peer and alumni mentorship programs.

What do you think can be improved on with USG and the campus in general? 

There is always room for improvement. The purpose of USG is to represent our student body and advocate for them. If the students want an improvement, I believe it to be USG`s duty to help fulfill their wishes and make this campus a better place for everyone.

How will USG handle the growing prominence of diversity-related issues on campus? 

Our strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities. Our goal should be to reach unity in diversity and breed a common understanding that unites and connects our students, exemplifying how the world should be as a whole. USG needs to foster this appreciation and understanding of other people’s cultural backgrounds in order to connect with our student body here at Kent State.