It’s about time that you are rewarded for not texting in class

Alex Soehnlen - Consumer/University Technology Reporter email at [email protected]

The day has finally come when you can earn discounts and coupons to your favorite places simply by not texting during class. The application Pocket Points rewards you for not using your phone.

Pocket Points is a free app that works by turning it on while on campus and locking your phone. Every 30 minutes your phone is locked you receive one pocket point. There is a special every Tuesday where you get double the points, so every 15 minutes equals one point.

“Our professors stress for us not to use our phones in class. So why not use Pocket Points and get some freebies out of not using your phone during class,” said Dina Notareschi, a junior is speech pathology and audiology. “Plus, your concentration is what it should be on … learning,”

Kent State students of all majors have been interested in the app. Ben Kuharik, a junior in the exercise physiology program, thinks the app could be very useful.

“I personally do not use my phone very much. I am just not into technology,” Kuharik said. “Although I feel like the app is a very good idea and would really work with a lot of students. I feel like it is a great way to get the students attention back in the classroom.”

Journalism freshman Chrissy Sylvester has heard about the app from her friends.

“My friends have told me about Pocket Points, and I was interested,” Sylvester said. “I have it downloaded on my phone, but I never really got into it. I do plan on starting to use it eventually.”

Notareschi said she can also use the app off campus, but the lack of places where the app is available for use is limited

“I like the app. My favorite place to use Pocket Points are the local places downtown,” Notareschi said. “The only complaint I have is I wish there were more places to use the app. Hopefully as the Pocket Points app grows, more places locally and online will join the app.”

Pocket Points points can be used at local and online businesses for student discounts and coupons. Pocket Points earned at Kent State can be used at places like Pita Pit, Buffalo Wild Wings, Guy’s Pizza, Sunsations Tanning, Scribbles Coffee and