USG Profile: Cody Mehalic

Name: Cody Mehalic

Position you’re running for: Senator for the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology

Year and major: junior, aeronautics major

From USG’s website:

I would like to continue establishing connections with the alumni of our college. My goals from this are to open up more opportunities and resources for the students to pursue a career in their field of choice as knowing people already established in the field can significantly improve a student’s chances of finding a job after graduation.

Second, I would like to start to get more people interested in our college, especially local schools around Kent State, get them involved with things such as the Heritage Fair at the Kent State University Airport.

Third, and most importantly, I want to hear from the students and get an idea of what they want done in this college. I would like to meet various students and organizations from the aeronautics, applied engineering and construction management programs and get an idea of what they think could be improved.