USG Profile: Kun Kang

Name: Kun Kang 

Position you’re running for: Director of Student Involvement 

Year and major: junior, nutrition

Hometown: Taiyuan, China 

What makes you a representative of the student body? 

I am an international student, (so) I want to help international students go though the culture transition and get involved in campus. 

What will be your top priority if elected?

Help the international students to be involved in the campus and get all the students to enjoy the “undeniable internationalization” of Kent State.

What do you think can be improved on with USG and the campus in general?

I think the campus needs more diversity and should build a friendlier and welcome environment for students from different background. 

How will USG handle the growing prominence of diversity related issues on campus?

By promoting the USG elections to let students from all different student bodies know the USG and get into the USG. By doing this, they can work together to deal with diversity-related issues.