Students deal with midterm stress


Midterm Stress

LiAnna Schwerer

According to New York University’s Health Services website, almost 60 percent of college students experience above average levels of stress. About 55 percent of students nationwide claimed their biggest stressor was academic. 

With midterms almost over and finals coming up faster than many students would like, student stress levels are high and their health may be at risk.

Multiple studies from the American Psychological Association, colleges and other researchers within the past few years have shown major increase in student stress levels. 

High stress can cause a variety of health problems ranging from fatigue and depression to indigestion and illnesses.

Stress can build up over time or be triggered by an event to cause these issues.

Psychologist John Alexander, Ph.D. says it is important to take action before stress starts to physically affect you.

Take time for yourself to relax and de-stress before it becomes a problem for your health.