USG Profile: Susan George

Name: Susan George

Position you are running for: Senator for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Year and major:  freshman, AED-general major

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What makes you representative of the student body?

I am just starting out my years at Kent State and realize the importance of branching out, getting to know people and getting involved.  I enjoy bringing people together and have a vision of helping other students connect with each other to help create a wider and closer community of students who can support and inspire each other. 

What will be your top priority if elected?

I will research and find out about all opportunities and information that will help students in (the College of) Architecture and Environmental Design. I would like to help students who are in architecture and environmental design become better acclimated to our new building. I would also like to help create a network for students to facilitate mentors who could help support them in their field of study. As part of USG, I would like to work with other students to create opportunities and possibilities for all students in the student body to make the best of their education and experience at Kent State.

What do you think can be improved on the USG and the campus in general?

I feel USG can continue to create opportunities for students to get to know each other and network together from a variety of fields.  I fell these opportunities will help continue to improve connections among students in different organizations and create a stronger community among the student body at Kent State.

How will USG handle the growing prominence of diversity-related issues on campus?

I feel it would be important for USG to continue to bring together people from different clubs, organizations, sports and fields of study to create connections and bonds between students from different cultures, interests and backgrounds.  I am a member of the CSA and FSO, and I have been inspired by both organizations who have offered opportunities for students to be a part of connecting people of diversity.  I feel USG will continue to create opportunities for students to learn from a wide variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds. These opportunities will help USG boost collaboration among students in the student body and bring about positive changes and experiences for students at Kent State.