GOP front-runner Donald Trump dominates Nevada

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s frequent controversial comments and stances have left many to question his seriousness. 

However, with him now being the projected winner of the Nevada Caucus after previously claiming the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, many people see him as the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination. 

In regard to the fan base and support system that Trump receives, Daily Kent Stater columnist Matt Poe said, “he’s kind of just picking up the scraps here and there from people who think: ‘hey we like this guy because he’s rah rah rah, he gets people fired up.’  He says a lot of things but what’s his policies? What is he following through on? He’s kind of tapping into that lower educated population.”

Trump is confidant that he will garner more votes than Ohio governor John Kasich. 

Kent State political science professor Dr. Vernon Sykes said about Kasich, “I think he needs to focus on Ohio. There’s been a recent poll indicating that Trump might have a slight lead on him here. I think he needs to show up his base and also make a good showing on Super Tuesday.”

Super Tuesday hands out the biggest number of delegates in one day during the primary elections and that is on March 1st.

Super Tuesday states include Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia.