Carpe that diem

KentWired Editorial

Need a little faith?

So does Scott Scarborough aka the president of the University of Akron. After a meeting last week where Scarborough spoke about plans for the year, the university’s faculty senate gave a 50-2 vote of no confidence. Recently some academic chairs have sent letters asking for a change in leadership. While UA has released a statement saying Scarborough “has appropriately and effectively addressed the issues presented to him,” some students weren’t so impressed. A few even transferred to Kent State

Celebrating music for 58 years

Kent State students watched from home as Adele dealt with some technical difficulties, T-Swift became the first woman to win album of the year twice and Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” won song of the year at the 58th annual Grammys Monday night.  

Life is gouda

Want a good place to cut the cheese? Get to know the Cheesemonger, one of Acorn Alley’s newest additions.