Charles Schwab director emphasizes skills wanted in internship and job candidates


Mark Craig, managing director of talent acquisition, at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc, speaks at the HR Forum in the Kiva, Feb. 9, 2016.

Caroline Licata - Academic Reporter Email: [email protected]

Mark Craig, branch managing director and talent acquisition from the Charles Schwab Richfield, Ohio branch, spoke to students at Kent State’s College of Business Administration about career and internship opportunities at the company, as well as what qualities the company looks for in candidates when hiring new employees.

Craig was the featured speaker of the Human Resource (HR) Forum Series on Tuesday night.

“Because we (Charles Schwab) are focused on seeing things through the eyes of our clients, we hire optimistic, result-oriented, curious, innovative and adaptable people who have the desire, drive and creativity to help our client succeed,” Craig said. “This really comes down to your passion for service and your passion to serving others. That’s really what we look for in all of our positions at Schwab.”

Craig said what’s really important to Schwab when looking to hire new employees is involvement in extra-curricular activities.

“Any type of extra-curricular activities, whether it be in athletics or clubs or anything outside of your normal school work, we’re attracted to that,” Craig said. “Your ability to balance not only a very heavy education load, but also your leadership capabilities in some of those extra-curricular activities, we really look at that.”

When offering up tips and advice for students, Craig encouraged and stressed the importance of networking and more specifically, the use of LinkedIn. Craig said the number one source of hire at Schwab in 2015 was through LinkedIn.

Craig also mentioned there would be many career opportunities for current college students within the next few years because by 2020, 20 percent of Schwab employees will be eligible for retirement.

Craig spoke about the corporate internship program at Schwab, and how its main focus is to offer later employment at the company.

“In 2015, we hired 110 interns and at the end of that internship program, 62 of those individuals had offers from us to join Schwab around the country,” Craig said.

Craig said currently all the internship opportunities in Richfield are filled for this summer, but if sophomores students are interested, he advised them to come see Schwab next fall because they do “a lot of fall recruiting.”

Craig also warned students who are interested in interning at Schwab not to wait because 75 to 80 percent of internship opportunities are filled by the holidays.

Craig concluded by telling listeners the importance of starting to network and showing up to career fairs and “if nothing else, just introduce yourself. Get comfortable shaking a hand and looking at someone in the eye.”

“We’re committed to hiring the best and brightest individuals in our communities, in our colleges, with no experience, with a lot of experience, licensed (and) un-licensed. We will help you develop in your career,” Craig said. “We will give you opportunities to experience different departments and participate in mentoring programs.”

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