5 things to know for Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary

Benjamin Kindel

  1. Trump leading in recent New Hampshire Polls.


Donald Trump, just after his second place finish in Iowa has a commanding lead in the polls going as February 9th approaches.  A recent, Feb. 7 CNN poll, Mr. Trump has a 17 point lead at 33 points.  This CNN poll also has Sen. Rubio in second with 16 points and Cruz at third with 14 points.  Even though Trump has a large lead, he had a similar lead before Iowa and still suffered a loss leading many to question if Trump supporter are actually voting.


  1. Sanders leading Clinton in recent New Hampshire Polls.


After a near tie in Iowa, Sen. Sanders has proven that his supporters are voting.  In the same CNN poll, Sen. Sanders is projected to win by a commanding 23 points with 58% over Secretary Clinton 23%.  Secretary Clinton may have tried hard in the recent debate to establish herself as a progressive before the left-leaning New Hampshire primary, but she may have more problems than that.  The same day as the New Hampshire primary, a hearing is to be held to discuss Secretary Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified documents.


  1.  Who is next to drop out


With the Democrats down to two, all eyes are on who will be the next GOP candidate to drop out of the race for the White House.  Iowa thinned the race to eight candidates.  Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is likely to drop out of the race if she does not perform well in New Hampshire.  Her low polling numbers have left her off the main stage for the recent debate with no undercard debate.


  1. Record turnout predicted


As was the case in Iowa, New Hampshire is expecting record turnout for this election.  This could boost candidates like Sen. Sanders, Sen Cruz and Mr. Trump who have gained many new voters who are anti establishment.  However, this could also impact Mr. Trump negatively.  In Iowa, many voters came out just to vote against Mr. Trump.


  1. Ohio is coming sooner than you may think

Although attention will be on New Hampshire, some important Ohio deadlines are approaching.  The deadline to register to vote in the Ohio primary on March 15th  is a week from tomorrow’s primary on Feb. 16th.  On Feb 17th, Ohioans can start sending in their absentee ballots.  You can register to vote on the co.portage.oh.us.