Kent State makes new way to show off star students

Jacob Ruffo

Merit pages for Kent State students were created and put into place during the early parts of 2015. Now, about a year later, the university hosts more than 20,000 active merit pages.

Senior Associate Vice President for University Relations Justin Hilton said that the merit page acts as a digital resume and highlights achievements students have accomplished during their time at Kent State. This can include things not defined by established labels, such as research a student has done or co-curriculars.

“Anything that really chronicles (student) success is what we ultimately want to be able to put on a merit page,” Hilton said.

According to Hilton, all merit pages can be customized by students.

“It is a twofold dynamic where you have achievements that are added and verified by the university, and then there is stuff the students can add about their own achievements as well,” he said.

Hilton also said that just because a student graduates, does not mean their page goes away. A graduation badge will be added to their page, which will remain active. 

He was also happy with how the merit pages are being shared via the web.

“Off of the 20,000 merit pages, the social media impressions have reached almost one million,” Hilton said. 

“They are attempting to shine some light on students who go above and beyond.” said Israel Galarza III, a junior communication studies major.

Galarza has made the Dean’s List in the past and has a merit page. 

“It gives me more incentive to try and do things like make the Dean’s List,” he said. The benefits of having a page, Galarza said, includes added exposure for students and an easier time finding a job.

“Traditionally, a breakfast and your name on a plaque may have been enough,” Galarza said, “But in the 21st century, in 2016, the Internet is the way to go.”

Jacob Ruffo is a student life reporter. Contact him at [email protected].