Opinion: How do we deal with North Korea?

Jacob Tabler is a junior political science major and a member of the Kent State College Republicans. Contact him at [email protected].

Jacob Tabler Kent State College Republicans

North Korea is once again making headlines for developing their nuclear arsenal. The nation, still under control of the dictator Kim Jong-un, has recently tested a hydrogen bomb. The bomb increases destructive power of the nation’s military and could possibly pose a serious threat to the United States and our allies. The problem has the potential to become very dangerous, but how should the United States and the rest of the world handle this problem?

When it comes to dealing with a nation such as North Korea, there is no easy solution. The totalitarian regime has been a rogue state for decades. The regime has constantly used the implication of using its nuclear arsenal to gain much needed international aid for the people. Despite talks between several nations, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has continued to develop its nuclear capabilities.

While there are a few approaches the United States could take, most would provide desirable outcomes. Removing the Kim dynasty may seem like a good option to stop the threat of a nuclear weapon and stop the many human rights violations that the government commits. However, removing the regime would result in the high cost of instituting a new regime.

The international community could propose that China to impose sanctions. China has been the chief supplier of aid to the North Koreans since the fall of the Soviet Union. However, China is not likely to support any sanctions against the North Koreans.

The best hope for the United States is to push for increased missile defense systems of neighboring countries. Fortifying the defense systems in South Korea and Japan is needed to decrease the possibility of any attack that may come from North Korea. It is most important to defend the people who are most at risk.

Next, the United States must work with the United Nations to push for stricter sanctions against North Korea. As the leading world power, the United States, in conjunction with the international community, can negotiate from a position of strength. For this reason it is important the world cooperates to force the North Koreans to put an end to their nuclear program, as well as end the human rights violations upon their own people.

There is no easy solution when dealing with a nation such as North Korea. I believe a direct military approach will cause more problems than solutions. However, it is important to work from a position of strength and project the potential of a strong military response in order to keep people safe. It is also important to work with the international community to prevent North Korea from bringing harm to the rest of the world.

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