Newsletter: Almost there

KentWired Editorial

New dean at KSU Stark

Denise Seachrist, the late add-in candidate for dean of KSU Stark, won the heart of the Stark community and was selected as the new permanent dean for the campus. “Kent State University at Stark is very vibrant and exciting place, and I am extremely honored to serve as dean and chief administrative officer,” Seachrist said in an email from Provost Todd Diacon. 

Advising bubble

AKA the time where a mass amount of students register and the advisers are booked up. Students know it all too well and the university’s advising office is tying to fix it. One way is getting the ideal student to adviser ratio to 300 students to one adviser. But there is still a struggle because of limited funds


A lot happened at the Iowa caucus. Ted Cruz came out on top for the GOP while Hillary Clinton won the Democratic side.  However, others were not so lucky. Read about the four biggest upsets for this Iowa caucus.