Newsletter: It’s Friday

KentWired Editorial

Kent’s new look

The fire marshal was called when more than 1,100 students filled the ballroom to see Kent State launch its $2.3 million branding campaign with a two-minute anthem video.  The video marks the brand’s first effort in a three-year contract with marketing agency 160over90. Keep a look out for Kent’s commercial during the Super Bowl. 

Next stop Mars

The Kent State Robotics team will be competing in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition in May for the second year in a row. The goal is to build a robot that can traverse simulated Martian terrain, excavate materials similar to those found on Mars and successfully dump them into a collection bin. Last year the team came in seventh out of 50 teams, but this year they’re prepared to win it all.

The Superbug

Coughs and sneezes are all around us, but don’t go running to the doc for antibiotics just yet. There’s a common misconception that antibiotics can help viral infections, but the CDC wants people to know that is not the case. Instead, the constant misuse of antibiotics could be leading to a superbug.