Life is gouda at Kent Cheesemonger


The Kent Cheesemonger shop downtown on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016.

Anne-Marie Colant

Acorn Alley’s newest addition, Kent Cheesemonger, opened its doors in September 2015 and offers an experience like no other shop in downtown. The store offers a wide variety of cheese and wine as well as beer and cured meats.

The store also hosts classes and special events about three times a month. Classes start at $25 a head and come with five cheeses and five wines. Owner Tim Sahr and his wife have always had a passion for cheese. About a year and a half ago, they became tired of having to travel far to find good cheese.

“We wanted to offer a broad selection from around the world,” Sahr said.

He also enjoys the diverse group of customers coming into his store. The Cheesemonger sees many foreign exchange students, as well as people from the community and students looking to enjoy wine and cheese pairings.

“We get every variant in here,” Sahr said. “It’s a total mix.”

Christina Lusk works alongside Sahr and is a “cheese genius.” She worked at West Point Market for over nine years and became an expert in fine cheese before coming to the Kent Cheesemonger. She loves being in an environment where she can see the outside all day and how the people are down to earth.

“It’s very relaxed here,” Lusk said. “I like how people come in and are receptive, they want to have a nice conversation.”

Megan Tonkery, a senior fashion design major, enjoys going to the pairing classes.

“My roommates and I went to (the) last class offered,” Tonkery said. “We learned so much and it was a great night out.”

Sahr and Lusk describe it as the happening place to be and encourages anyone who hasn’t tried good cheese, to just take a chance and do it.

Anne-Marie Colant is a business and neighborhoods reporter for the Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected]