Fire Department responds to fire at Centennial Court A *needs work*

Charleah Trombitas

The Kent State Fire Department responded to Centennial Court A around 1:40 p.m. Friday for a bulletin board set on fire in the second floor hallway.

There were no reported injuries, according to Fire Captain Bill Myers.

 Residents were evacuated, but returned to their rooms shortly after. 

 The bulletin board was located in a hallway and the fire did not spread beyond the hallway. No damage was done to any of the rooms.

 A single sprinkler head extinguished the fire leaving only minimal smoke and water damage.

 Captain Myers, who responded to the scene, said all systems within Centennial Court A are intact.

 “The sprinklers, tiles and construction of the building was all in tact,” Myers said. “That really helped the fire to be contained; all of those things helped the fire to not spread.”