City of Kent checking water quality after main break

Photo courtesy of Ben Orner.

Photo courtesy of Ben Orner.

Skye McEowen

A water main break occurred Saturday night on East Summit Street, near Loop Road and Windchimes Condominiums, releasing over 250,000 gallons of water before being shut down for repairs.

As a result of the rapid loss of water, the water appeared stained in the campus water distribution system, according to the City of Kent’s service director’s press release. The press release also stated that residents whose water may be brown in color should let it run until it appears clear before use.

As a precautionary measure, staff from Kent State Facilities flushed buildings nearby that may have been impacted. According to the press release, the water is still safe for use, and water samples are being taken to ensure there are no health risks. A boil alert has been issued to residents at Windchimes Condominiums until the water is confirmed clear.

Anyone with questions regarding the incident or water quality are urged to contact the City of Kent Service Department at 330-678-8105.

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