Kent State alumnus represents Ohio at national conference

Rachel Duthie

Kent State alumnus Marvin Logan represented the state of Ohio this past January at the National Student Debt Day in Washington, D.C, a campaign held by the national organization Young Invincibles aimed to fixing the cost of higher education.

The former Kent State student body president received a day of extensive training and discussion with student debt advocators from all over the country. Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren headlined the event with a keynote speech about the financial difficulties of life after college.


“We have to decide as a society that we believe in education,” said Logan. “The disinvestment in education and our increased investment in other areas truly exposes our hypocrisy. A student concern should be how are they going to succeed in their education, not how they can afford it.”

Logan was able to attend the event through his participation with Usher’s New Look, a non-profit organization founded by Usher that is dedicated to providing opportunities for disadvantaged children. After joining in 2006 after a run-in with the artist in Milwaukee, he has eventually worked his way up to becoming Administrative and Marketing coordinator of the organization.

His team works closely with developing solutions for college affordability, amongst other issues like equality and other social issues. Logan hopes to change the world through his continued advocacy.

“My ultimate goal in life is to build nations and communities. I want to create long and lasting strongholds in the black community. Fighting for college affordability will not only improve aspects for black students, but for all” said Logan.

He is remembered at the university for his avid participation in student organizations, including student government, Black United Students, and The Kent Stater.

“He has been a great guy in every facet, in every organization that he has worked for,” said Bruce Walton, a former Kent Stater editor and colleague of Logan. “He is doing everything he can to realize his goals and produce the change that is needed in this world. He doesn’t have an off-switch.”

When it came to being a national leader, Marvin Logan had no one else to thank but his father.

“He raised us to believe we can be everything that we wanted to be. My goal was to make the world a better place,” said Logan. “I grew up studying leaders that did just that. I want the world to know, understand, and believe in love.”

Logan is currently residing in Atlanta and is pursuing his PhD in African American Studies at Clark Atlanta University. He graduated from Kent State in 2015.

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Rachel Duthie is a student life reporter.