New branding draws student support


Students stand around the bonfire held in Manchester Field after the official announcement of Kent State’s rebranding on Monday Feb. 1, 2016.

Sierra Allen

Kent State students attended the unveiling of #UndeniablyKSU, the university’s new brand on Monday.

A live band opened the celebrations before guest speakers from the faculty explained how Kent State has impacted their lives and what the university means to them. After the speeches, the audience was introduced to President Beverly Warren who declared how important Kent State is to her and disclosed the reasoning of the university’s new brand.

“A brand is truly, simply telling our story insistently and telling it well … it’s up to us to tell that genuine Kent State story … Here, we will welcome you with open arms and push you out with an open mind,” Warren said. “When we tell our story effectively, good things happen. We attract talent to this great university. We want students (and) future students to see and feel what we know about our great university.”

New hashtag for Kent State branding campaign from on Vimeo.

Students at the event were supportive of the university’s new brand.

“I feel Kent State is my home away from home honestly and I love the fact that President Warren is doing this rebranding,” said senior hospitality management major Darnell Griffiths. “I feel good about this … new branding means new signage, new looks for Kent State.”

“I was blown away by the whole (promotional) video,” said Katherine Jacobs, a junior special education major. “It gave me chills and I’m so excited to see what the future brings us through Kent State and the new branding. Although some students couldn’t attend the new branding ceremony due to class or prior engagements, the message was still well received campus wide”

Senior communication studies major Jowan Cole did not attend the launch event, but was excited about the new #UndeniablyKSU.

“I think the branding of Kent State plays a really big role in how students, alumni and potential students might perceive it,” Cole said. “If the branding is good and conveys who Kent State really is as a whole, then more people will be more adamant and get involved and do things with the university.”

Following the ceremony in the ballroom, Kent State’s “Light The Night” bonfire was held on Manchester Field where students ate s’mores and received free t-shirts.

Sierra Allen is a student life reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]