KSU College Dems Organize Phone Bank to ‘Dump Trump’

Anthony Calvaruso

KSU College Democrats organized a phone bank on January 26th at 7:30 p.m. with a common goal: “Dump Trump.” The Student Center was filled with many students for the phone bank, and after brief introductions everyone was given a few pages of phone numbers to persuade callers against voting for Donald Trump. The callers were given instructions to ask if the people were willing to volunteer for the Democratic Party. 


Kendall Grice, Freshman Fashion Merchandising Major, reverberated the sentiment of all in attendance.


“It’s important because making sure somebody like Donald Trump doesn’t get elected during the next Presidential race is kind of what the organization is all about.” 


This is not the first phone bank organized by the College Democrats. Hana Barkowitz, President of the College Democrats, also noted that group organized a phone bank to support Planned Parenthood, as well as various others such as calling Congressmen to vote for or against bills.


“By calling people, you actually feel like you’re actually helping out the democratic process, and that’s a really big issue for a lot of people,” said Barkowitz. 


With the approaching Presidential election, such an event takes on an even greater sense of urgency. The College Democrats are kicking into overdrive to help whomever is nominated by the Democratic Party. 


“We’re getting ready for the general election, no matter who the Democrat candidate is, we want to get ready for them so that they can take down Donald Trump because it seems like he’s going to be the nominee for the Republicans,” said Brian DiPaolo, College Democrats Historian.


The KSU College Democrats meet weekly at 7:30 in the Student Center *Check to verify*