Kent Stage hosts annual short film festival

Alexis Amato

Standing Rock Cultural Arts held its 13th annual short film festival on Saturday at the Kent Stage. This festival showcases short films from around the world, as well as local ones.

“We invite artists who we think are innovative and exciting in the world of film and video,” said Jeff Ingram, co-founder and executive director of Standing Rock.

Even though they were short, the message in each film was not lost on the audience.

“The first few were a little strange, but the one about Syrian refugees really got to me,” said Alexander Kamczyc, a junior journalism major. “It started off so innocent, but then they focused on the panic and craziness of it all.”

Others enjoyed some of the quirkier films.

“The ‘This Film Is Especially For You’ one was so cool,” said Hana Barkowitz, a sophomore public relations major. “I didn’t really get the story in it, but the colors and the music were so pretty.”

The organization accepts submissions year round and invites artists they think are innovative and exciting in the world of film and video. Standing Rock also offers workshops, Youth Theater, fundraising benefits and a community art gallery. Their vision is to nourish the spirit of creativity by providing art and educational activities that allow children and the general public to explore the arts.

Alexis Amato is a business and neighborhood reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].