KSU library introduces Step Your Way Up campaign


Two faculty members decide to take the stairs and participate in Kent State’s “Step Your Way Up” campaign on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016.

Kimberly Laferty

Kent State’s University Library is encouraging students, staff and faculty to live a healthier lifestyle with their Step Your Way Up campaign.

The library has been working with Lorriane Odhiambo, a public health major graduate student, to inspire students to take the stairs rather than the elevator, according to James Bracken, dean of University Libraries. 

Bracken said it was Odhiambo’s idea to develop a health awareness program for students who come to use the library.

The Step Your Way Up program consists of having footprint decals leading to the stairs, as well as advertisements wrapped around the elevators and on the TVs.

Odhiambo said in her campaign proposal that she also has a goal to reduce electricity by not using the elevators.  

“I think it’s appropriate for this building because of its size, its location, its attendance, and its mission,” Bracken said.  

Odhiambo’s campaign proposal also states that the stairs are difficult to locate. The advertisements are there as guidance and to remind them where they are.

Bracken said that Odhiambo has goals to get pedometers for students, so that they can get their daily steps in. He hopes that it will encourage students to go to the fourth floor to exercise on the treadmill or exercise bikes.

Leeann Ray, a freshman biology major, said that she thinks the footprints leading to the stairs are a good idea.

“More students should be encouraged to live a healthier life, and eat better, and do more activities,” Ray said.

Bracken said that another idea to make the library healthier for students is to bring healthier foods in, such as bananas, apples and pineapples. Bracken also suggested implementing options for healthier drinks that contain vegetables.

“Getting healthier foods in vending machines is part of our goal, too,” Bracken said.

Odhiambo plans to expand the program to other areas on campus such as White Hall and residence halls. She also plans to enlarge the campaign in the summer and fall of 2016, including to other Kent State campuses.

Bracken said he hopes that the program will catch on and meet President Warren’s initiative to make a healthier campus.

Kimberly Laferty is the libraries reporter for The Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected]