New CVA building to provide large impact on campus

Holly Disch

The new Center for Visual Arts at Kent State University has been under construction since the official launch Oct. 9, 2014. The building has been open to certain disciplines since the start of the fall semester 2015. These disciplines include ceramics, glass, jewelry, metals, enameling and print making.

The new facility is a $33.5 million project. According to a Foundations of Excellence Center for Visual Arts link found on the school of art’s website, there is $600,000 of donations to date.

The official opening for all programs is May 6, 2016, the end of the spring semester. This will end the project created by the “Foundations of Excellence: Building the Future” initiative.

Charles Parrot, marketing associate for the College of Arts said the idea is for the perimeter to be the size of about two football fields. The new CVA will make for direct engagement from the campus allowing visitors to witness art coming to life with the transparent studios.

“The school will be more of an attraction with new artwork and architecture,” said Anastasia Keller, a sophomore fine arts major.

The building’s architect is Kent State University’s Alumni, Jerry Payto. His creation will stand for years to come.

“I think it will impact the campus positively,” Keller said. “Students will benefit with the new, better equipped classrooms.”

Students will find digital labs, a fabrication studio for 3-D printing and water-jet cutting. The new building will have labs and a new 200-person lecture hall.

The little details of colored windows and geometric shapes bring to life the creativity of the classrooms inside.

“I think the new building will provide another outlet for students,” said Ashuna Moore, a sophomore fashion merchandising major.

As well as being an effective new learning environment, the building’s design will add an aspect to Kent State’s scenery.

“The Center for the Visual Arts is poised to transform the Kent campus with its generous window space along Terrace Drive and the Lefton Esplanade,” Parrot said.

“It offers passers-by a glimpse into classrooms, studios and exhibition spaces enhancing the visual culture of the university.”

The new Center for Visual Arts will be one of many new faces on Kent State’s campus. Students and faculty can look forward to the official opening to all disciplines in the spring.

Holly Disch is the performing arts reporter for The Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected]