Hoverboards banned in dorms


Logan Meis, 20, balances on his hoverboard outside his apartment complex in Overland Park, Kan., on Friday, Sept. 4, 2015. Meis purchased the personal transportation device for about $330 online. (Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/TNS)

Ben Kindel

One of the most popular holiday gifts of this year is now banned from Kent State’s dorms. On Jan. 13, Executive Director of Residence Services Jill Church announced through an email to campus residents that hoverboard devices are banned from all resident halls.

Hoverboards are the latest technological buy for this year, but after multiple reports nationwide of the fun, two-wheeled toy catching fire, universities — where the devices have been growing in popularity — started to take notice.  

In response, Ohio University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Akron and other universities across the country have banned the devices from being used on campus property. After consulting with other institutions, Kent State has taken steps of its own to ensure the safety of its students.  

“We sent out a notice to students last week letting them know (that) due to the safety risks associated with the hoverboards … they (will not) able to be used, possessed or stored in the residence halls.” Church said. “The reason we came to that decision was based on all of the news and information we have related to the batteries in the devices exploding.The campus itself has not banned them, so (Kent State) students can use them (around) campus, just not in the residence halls.”

Despite whether students are not in favor of the recent ban, Morgan LaRue, a senior psychology major, said she has an obligation as a residence assistance to enforce the new rules.

“(For the most part) residents have been receptive about it,” LaRue said.

Because the email was sent over break, LaRue said it helped that students could plan better and not bring (the hoverboards) on campus. 

If residents are caught with the devices they will be escorted to their car, providing they have one, and will be required to store their hoverboard in the trunk, LaRue said. If a student resident refuses to do this, the device will be confiscated and stored in the Tri-Towers’ security office. 

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